Driver’s Guide To License


How To Apply For A Heavy Trailer Endorsement

A heavy trailer endorsement (code 20) for a Class 4 or 5 driver’s license allows you to tow trailers of any weight provided that neither the truck nor trailer has air brakes. To apply for the endorsement:

  • Study the applicable chapters of this guide to prepare for the knowledge test.
  • Apply for a learner’s license at a driver licensing office.

-- You’ll need to present one piece of primary and one piece of secondary identification as listed (see inside of back cover)

-- You’ll need to pay the knowledge test fee and take the knowledge and road signs tests

-- We’ll conduct a vision and medical screening. You’ll be asked questions relating to your medical health — you must disclose any known medical conditions.

You’ll receive your learner’s license after you successfully complete all of Step 2 unless you have a medical condition that requires pre-approval. The learner’s license is valid for one year and allows you to practice driving with a supervisor. The supervisor must be at least 19 years old, hold a Class 1, 2 or 3 driver’s license, and must sit beside you or immediately behind and to the right if there’s no seat beside the driver’s seat while you’re practicing.

  • Practice with an appropriately licensed driver and/or attend a driver training school.
  • When you’re ready, phone your driver licensing office to schedule your road test. Be sure to ask about the type of vehicle you must bring for your road test.
  • Take your road test, which includes a pre-trip inspection test.
  • Pay the fee for your new driver’s licence. You’ll receive a temporary licence after you pass all your licensing tests. You’ll also be given a Driver’s Medical Examination Report form.
  • Take the medical form to a B.C.-licensed physician who knows your medical history. The doctor who examines you completes the form and sends it to RoadSafetyBC. RoadSafetyBC will determine whether you’re fit to drive commercial vehicles.
  • You’ll receive your photo licence in the mail once your medical fitness is confirmed.