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    Human Resources Services

    Class 1 Drivers Canada Ltd. is a team of dedicated, experienced and reputable Human Resources (HR) professionals who provide comprehensive services ranging from HR talent sourcing to the advisory, accounting, management and support services for the Trucking and Transport Industry.  We are based in Vancouver and we work with clients across Canada and the U.S.A.

    We work closely with the Industry to ensure we understand its characteristics and ever-changing demands in order to assess the HR challenges you are facing. Then, we collaboratively craft a customized, practical and realistic plan for meeting the Class 1 Drivers’ challenges, helping you to meet these demands and achieve your goals. 

    Compensation and Benefits– We will negotiate with our Class 1 Drivers to get very reasonable and the best competitive compensation rates. We also offer your benefits programs to entice employment.  We can assist you by conducting salary and benefits surveys and help you design and implement comprehensive compensation packages. 

    Customized HR Consulting Services – In the current economic and demanding Truck Driver market environment, it is increasingly important to ensure that your human resource plans are aligned to your overall trucking business strategy and effectively support your objectives for Class 1 Drivers. This involves making certain that you have the following in place: 

    1. An efficient and effective organizational structure.
    2.  That your Class 1 truck drivers’ job descriptions match the work they are actually doing,
    3. And that you have a meaningful performance review and development process in place wherever they go.    

    Outsourced HR Services – As your organization expands, you will need more diverse, experienced and dedicated HR support for your trucking and transport business.  Our HR team will help you address your emerging HR issues on an outsourced basis so that you can stay focused on your core business. 

    Whether it’s providing on-call support, or having one of our team members on-site to assist you with specific HR strategies and tasks, we will be pleased to help.

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