Temporary Foreign Worker Program

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program

    Temporary Foreign Worker Program

    Every year, thousands of foreign workers come to Canada through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. This program was created by the Federal Government to fill shortages in the Canadian labour market. The number of foreign workers in B.C. has increased dramatically over the last decade and even more so in the last few years. Other provinces like Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Nova Scotia have also experienced an increasing demand for foreign workers.

    Our Services

    We are a leading recruiting company with specific expertise in bringing Class 1 Foreign Drivers to Canada. We assist Canadian employers that are facing acute skilled worker shortages, predominantly with Class 1 Drivers, that are urgently needed in the Construction, Oil and Gas as well as Transportation and Logistics drivers in the long-haul sector.  

    We also have expertise in recruiting foreign workers for the following sectors: Information Technology, Service, Health, Retail, Food processing, Hospitality, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Warehousing as well as for various other “low-skilled” occupations.

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